Current Projects

DG&S Company is fortunate to have multiple projects running simultaneously. Please keep checking back to watch our projects evolve.

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Graham Creek Culvert Project

I-90 Pinehurst

I-90, Pinehurst

2014-06-25 08.12.11

I-90, Pinehurst

Shields Gulch Box Culvert

Shields Gulch Box Culvert

I-90 - 5

I-90 Project


Enaville Quarry

Silver Valley Road/Mullan Avenue, Osburn, Idaho

Silver Valley Road/Mullan Avenue, Osburn, Idaho


Shields Gulch Completed Concrete Block Retaining Wall

Shields Gulch

Shields Gulch

IC Rock dump

Interstate Callahan Rock Dump

(Final) Silver Valley Road 2

Shields Gulch Completed Box Culvert


DG&S Company prides ourselves on the ability to be flexible to our clients’ needs. Having access to a wide range of equipment in addition to our loyal and versatile employees allows us to switch gears and adjust our focus quickly to accommodate customer requirements. DG&S Company is proud of our capacity to work on multiple contracts with diverse scopes of work without compromising our high standard of workmanship.



  • DG&S Company is proud to own a fleet of late model, well maintained equipment. In addition to our current fleet, DG&S Company has excellent working relationships with premier equipment and product suppliers. We feel that operating our projects with the right people and proper tools is vital to preserving our reputation for completing contracts on-time and in many cases ahead of schedule.IC Rock dump


The success of DG&S Company relies heavily on our teamwork. Partnering with the right people, owners and suppliers, enables high production while minimizing costs. DG&S Company firmly believes that no single person makes our company successful. It takes a team that eagerly and actively shares the responsibilities and accountability.

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At DG&S Company, we go to great lengths to ensure the safety of our employees.  Project specific training and safety meetings are just part of our safety program.  DG&S Company recognizes that a safe working environment protects our employees, visitors to the site, and the public.  Safe work practices also helps to improve productivity and reduce costs without compromising craftsmanship.

Some of the key components of our safety program include:
Monthly Company Safety Briefings
Weekly Toolbox Safety Meetings
Safety Training for New Hires
Daily Meetings as Needed to Address Concerns and Changing Site Conditions

We are proud to announce that in 2014, DG&S Company employees logged more than 70,000 hours without a lost time incident.