At DG&S Company, we look forward to growing our company to expand beyond our current capabilities while continuing to strengthen existing partnerships and developing new relationships. DG&S Company’s specialties include:

  • Heavy Civil Construction
  • Mass Excavation
  • Environmental Remediation/Reclamation
  • Environmental Compliance Construction
  • Surface Mining Support
  • Utility/Infrastructure Construction

DG&S Company is excited to accept new challenges as opportunities present. Family values, employee safety and loyalty will always remain in the forefront of our company structure. As we look to the future, DG&S Company is investing in people and machinery that will enable us to be ready for any challenge presented. DG&S Company is proud to have second and third generation family members operating the company with a fourth generation on the horizon.
We look forward to the opportunity of being a part of growing our communities and industries for future generations.

DG&S Company has continuously demonstrated to our public and private clients our:

  • ability to perform the contracted work on time and under budget.
  • responsiveness to change and uncertainty (flexibility).
  • proactive nature relative to changes in project conditions.
  • willingness to partner in the solution (value engineering).
  • fairness in dealing with change, delay and other impacts to the project.
  • responsiveness to the political/regulatory aspects of the projects.
  • commitment to a high level of safety, as demonstrated by our Idaho State Worker’s Compensation Experience Modification Factor of 0.82.